The city where I am going to visit

The city I want to talk about is New york. I know it through a movie called Home Alone. The city is located north of the USA by the North Atlantic ocean. New York is one of the most famous, big, and crowded cities in the USA. Sky-high buildings, amusement parks, and giant companies are all of them you can see there.

For instance Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Washington square park, and Central Park. The Empire state building is a really huge and beautiful building. The building is so tall you can see the full New York City on it. Our “NestOne” is just a toy near this building. I am going to New York and lift on the Empire state building for dinner. All of the city is lit, and you are doing dinner and watching the city. It just exciting and give you adrenaline.

There are also a lot of parks, but Central park is most big of them. The park is near Manheton and contains attractions, zoos, lakes, etc. The general symbol of the USA is the Statue of Liberty. You sometimes saw it in movies or in pictures. However, there is one more important thing I should say. This is the celebration of Christmas. Almost all families decorate their own homes, hang lights, and decorate Christmas trees. If you go to New York during Christmas you will feel yourself in a fairy-tale. Everywhere is covered with snow and in a festive mood. Santa and holiday lights all around.

Their locale people are in general Americans. But there are so many nationalities, like Indians, Africans, and also Uzbek. However, everywhere have a problem also in New York. Their big problem is living so expensive.